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Northern Lights Auktion

Benefiting the National Nordic Museum

Oct 10, 2020 - Oct 17, 2020

The 34th Annual Virtual Northern Lights Auktion 

October 10-17, 2020 

RSVP for the free live event starting at 5pm on Saturday, October 17 here 

Bidding begins October 10 

Registration for bidding opens October 1

Northern Lights

Join us this October for the 2020 Virtual Northern Lights Auktion as we toast our incredible supporters and community.

Registration to bid and the auction lot preview will be available October 1. The link will appear here at that time. 

Opening on October 10th, participants can bid on exciting auction lots from the safety of their homes. 

Then on October 17, join us in the evening for a live portion featuring special items, a preview of 2021 exhibitions, toasts, and more. All proceeds raised during this event go towards supporting the Museum’s public & educational programs, exhibitions, and operational needs. You can join log in to join the event at 5pm; the show begins at 5:30pm. 

To donate an item to our virtual auction, please contact Jenny Iverson at jennyi@nordicmuseum.org or 206-789-5707 x7038.


Special thanks to our Sponsors

$100,000 Presenting Sponsors: The Board of Trustees of the National Nordic Museum

Tom W. Malone, President, Hans Aarhus, Vice President, Valinda Morse, Secretary, Earl Ecklund, Treasurer, Electa Johnson Anderson, Lars Anderson, Steven J. Barker, Anne-Lise Berger, Jann Blackbourn, Ray Brandstrom, Jay L. Bruns, III, Ulf Ewaldsson, Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams, Mike Hlastala, Tapio Holma, Jane Klausen, Monica Langfeldt, Kurt Manchester, Kurt Ness, Per Norén, Aaron Overland, Tuula Rytilä, Maria Jones Staaf, Birger Steen, Henrik Strabo, Johan Erik Strand, Heli Suokko, Nina Svino Svasand, Lisa Toftemark, Tor Tollessen, Margaret Wright

Cash Sponsors


  • Valinda Morse


  • Ray Brandstrom
  • Earl Ecklund
  • John Goodman Foundation
  • Tuula Rytilä

SPONSOR: $ 5,000

  • Laurie Black
  • Lisa Toftemark
  • Tor Tollessen
  • Betacome
  • Integrated logo
  • Microsoft
  • peoples

PATRON: $3,500



  • Hans Aarhus
  • Ulf Ewaldsson
  • Eric Nelson
  • Maria Jones Staaf


  • Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams
  • Electa Johnson Anderson
  • Steven J. Barker
  • Jann Blackbourn
  • Jay L. Bruns, III
  • Mike Hlastala
  • Monica Langfeldt
  • Tom & Drexie Malone
  • Boeing
  • WorkWear
  • Evermark logo in green

In-Kind Sponsors, $5,000 and up

  • Heli Suokko
  • Anne-Lisa Berger and Osmund Kvitthammer
  • Monica Langfeldt
  • Maria Jones Staaf
  • Anne Charlotte Gavel Adams
  • Henrik Strabo
  • Michelle
  • Chateau
  • Icelandair