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The latest news and happenings at the Nordic Museum
Nov 11, 2021
A woman painting.

The Museum's newest exhibition features a series of works titled M(other) Tongues: Bodhild and Las Hermanas Iglesias, created by a family of women artists—Bodhild, Janelle, and Lisa Iglesias—with roots in Norway and the Dominican Republic. Here, the artists discuss mothers, memory, and transnational identity. 

Nov 09, 2021
Musicians at 2019 Julefest

The 44th Julefest on November 20 and 21 features live entertainment, food, and an outdoor Christmas Market. Free admission to the festival includes admission to the Museum for that weekend.

Oct 29, 2021
Polar Night in Tromsø

Let’s face it: winter in the Northwest is hard work. Weathering the onslaught of grey skies and record-breaking downpours has become a part of the region’s identity to some, and a hard-won badge of honor for many. Still, between the cold, the wet, and the lack of Vitamin D, it can be hard not to spend the months between October and May huddled indoors, dreaming of sunnier days.

Oct 21, 2021
Woman walking on pier towards body of water

When Dr. Susanna Søberg set out to investigate the human body’s response to the icy shock that is swimming in the winter, she wasn’t anticipating getting in the water herself.

Oct 08, 2021
Still from the film Koppmoll

Filmed in the far north of Norway, the short film Koppmoll shows how history reveals itself in the present. In the film, we follow the writer Damon Falke as he visits a family who are forever marked by the memories of World War II. Director Charles M. Pepiton and writer Damon Falke describe their own interpretations of Koppmoll.