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Crafts for Kids—Mushrooms

Crafts for Kids—Mushrooms
Colorful row of paper mushrooms

Mushroom stamp of Faroe islandsMushrooms are found in all five of the Nordic Countries—Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. You can even forage for mushrooms during the Arctic summer in Greenland! Mushrooms are so abundant throughout the Nordic region that both the Åland Islands and the Faroe Islands have special postage stamps depicting mushrooms.

You can make mushrooms of your own using things that you have at home! The main thing that you need is an empty toilet paper tube, then you can use paint, pens, pretty tape, or anything else you have handy to decorate your mushroom stems.

The top of a mushroom can be made easily using a cupcake liner—maybe you have some decorative ones at home or you can use pens to color a plain white liner. Would a coffee liner work just as well? Would you try using a paper bowl?

Colorful paper mushroom