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Crafts for Kids—Puffin Project

Crafts for Kids—Puffin Project

If you ask most people what bird comes to mind when they think about Iceland, the answer will be puffins! The puffin—or lundi in Icelandic—is often called the "clown of the sea" thanks to its brightly colored beak. Puffins lay their eggs in burrows that they dig into the ground. A puffin couple only lays one egg each year

You can learn about Icelandic children helping baby puffins—"pufflings"—find their way to the sea on Heimaey Island with Bruce McMillan’s book "Night of the Pufflings." 

This eight-minute family-friendly video from 2018 also tells the story of "Puffling Patrol": https://www.cbsnews.com/news/a-childrens-puffin-rescue-squad-heimaey-island-iceland/

You can decorate your own puffin quartet in this fun coloring project! Print out the blank template, or draw your own 4 puffin outlines, then color them in with all kinds of different colors. 

A black and white drawing of 4 simple puffins


Colored in puffins


Draw your own

A photo of a puffin, a black and white fat bird with an orange and yellow beak


Multicolor puffins