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Nordic Sól Nature Craft for Kids—Leaf Rubbings

Nordic Sól Nature Craft for Kids—Leaf Rubbings
Leaf rubbings

Join the Museum’s Nordic Sól Celebration, “Nordic by Nature,” by going outside and looking at leaves.

It’s hard to find a more classic nature craft than leaf rubbings! What better way to spend a summer day than combining a walk in nature with an art project. All you need to make your own leaf rubbing is a piece of paper, a crayon, and a leaf. Take a walk around your yard, neighborhood, or a park to collect some leaves – you can use all the same type of leaf or many different types. Once you have chosen your leaves, place one underneath a piece of paper and rub it using the side of a crayon – you can use the side of the point so that you don’t have to peel the paper off of the crayon. In the example below, I used three different leaves and three different colors of crayons. You can also try overlapping your leaf rubbings, or use a piece of newspaper instead of plain white paper – this way you are also recycling!

Leaf rubbing detail