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Swedish Dads

Aug 20, 2020 - Oct 04, 2020

With one of the most generous parental leave systems in the world, Sweden has made strides in gender equality among stay-at-home parents, but many fathers still don’t take full advantage of the system. Photographer Johan Bävman has turned his lens on Swedish dads in hopes of sharing and encouraging both Swedish fathers and the global community to examine the father-child bond.

In the exhibition and photo essay of the same name, Swedish Dads focuses on the men who have chosen to stay home with their children for more than six months. Bävman has captured the moments—intimate, domestic, mundane, sweet, chaotic—that form the days for parents of young children. Through a selection of fifteen portraits and quotes from the father themselves, Swedish Dads shares an unusual domestic snapshot while simultaneously questioning why this scene is still surprising in the twenty-first century.

Says photographer Bävman “There are two aims to this project. The first is to describe the background to Sweden’s unique parental allowance. The second is to inspire other fathers—in Sweden, and further afield—to consider the positive benefits of such a system.”

The Museum has several programs related to Swedish Dads to deepen visitor engagement and understanding of this fascinating photographic look.

  • Virtual Trivia: Famous Dads | September 10, 6pm | Tickets
  • Virtual Artist Talk: Swedish Dads with Johan Bävman | September 13, 12pm | Tickets
  • Virtual Artist Talk: Swedish Dads with Johan Bävman at ASI | September 23, 12pm | Tickets

The tour is being organized by Embassy of Sweden and originated at House of Sweden. 
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A dad in a purple shirt sits on a bed, holding a smiling toddler with brown curly hair in his left arm, with his right arm draped over a smiling slightly older daughter who is sitting on the ground.