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Why We Collect: New Acquisitions from the National Nordic Museum

Mar 05, 2020 - Aug 16, 2020

The National Nordic Museum boasts a permanent collection of over 80,000 objects, a number that grows thanks to the generosity of our donors. However, all potential acquisitions must meet a rigid set of criteria and answer the following questions in the affirmative: Is it a candidate for display and research? Is it in exemplary condition? Is it relevant to the Museum’s mission and core values? This exhibition poses this last question and illustrates possible responses through objects recently acquired. See new additions to the permanent collection of fine and decorative artworks, archival materials, and archaeological finds.   

The beaded coverlet pictured is one of the items that will be on display. 

In addition, we will share a short video on our Interwoven program, which collects and shares the stories of people with blended Native American and Nordic heritage. You can view this video on our YouTube page here

This exhibition will be on view in the Fjord Hall Gallery. 

A beaded coverlet made with thousands of glass beads in white, blues, and pinks