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The Dream of America

(May 28, 2014 - Dec 29, 2015)


The Dream of America

The Dream of America is the story of immigration told in an exhibit of lifelike dioramas. Travel with your family back to the nineteenth-century Scandinavian countryside to begin the journey to America, starting with the move to the city.



Watch longtime docent Mari-Ann Kind Jackson give a tour of The Dream of America! Video by Tim Hunter.


Nordic migration to the Pacific Northwest

The voyage continues as you board a ship to make the Atlantic crossing and land at Ellis Island. The adventure goes on to life in New York, and the eventual expansion to the Midwest, Great Plains, and Pacific Northwest, ending in Ballard.

Here the growth and development of a typical small Northwest community is displayed, complete with a post office, church, drugstore, blacksmith shop, and a family home.

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