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Apr 20, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019

The World's Strongest Bear

Meet Bamse, the world's strongest bear!

Created in 1966 by writer and illustrator Rune Andréasson, Bamse was first brought to life through a series of short TV movies and a weekly comic strip: in 1973, the series expanded to include a publication which is still in production today as Sweden’s most popular children’s magazine.

From the beginning, the world of Bamse has created a place for adults and children to discuss important topics faced by people of all ages. Social issues, global perspectives, politics, and cultural diversity are all explored through an approachable medium of cartoon characters. Through fifty years of adventure, Bamse and his friends have explored topics relating to the environment, economic equality, racism, LGBTQ+ and gender equality, disabilities, and bullying.

The series’ mixture of childlike wonder and teachable, real-world scenarios has allowed Bamse to become a civic and commercial success. Bamse and his friends can be found in magazines, movies, video and board games, books, musical albums, clothing lines, toys, mobile apps, and even an amusement park. The cartoon’s message of kindness and inclusion has also been the focus of many educational avenues, including interactive museum exhibitions, educational programs, and even a Montessori-style school in Sri Lanka.The world of Bamse ultimately offers a positive lesson in life—fairness and tolerance are the eternal victors, violence is never the only option, and a story can always find a happy ending.

The Nordic Museum is proud to present BAMSE! and share a snapshot look of the Swedish cartoon teddy bear turned cultural phenomenon.

Meet Bamse
Meet Bamse