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National Nordic Museum is closed to the public in compliance with Washington State's "Safe Start" protocols. When we reopen, you will be able to reserve timed tickets. Until then, stay in touch and support the Museum as a Member: learn more here


Join the Campaign


There are many exciting ways to support the Capital Campaign!

Thanks to our generous supporters, the 2017 Northern Lights Auktion was the most successful to date, bringing in more attendees and raising more funds than any other auction in Nordic Heritage Museum history. This year, for the first time, attendees were given the opportunity to make commitments to our Capital Campaign, and it was heartwarming to receive such a generous response! Together, our supporters raised more than $1 million, which has positioned us perfectly to kick off the final lap of our journey to the New Nordic.

As any runner knows, the last lap of a race is the most important, and this case is no exception. We're ready to enjoy the benefits of all the hard work and effort that has been poured into the journey to the new Museum, but we need your help to finish strong! We're still seeking gifts that can be made as multi-year pledges or single donations.

If you'd like to make a multi-year pledge, please contact Deputy Director Jan Woldseth Colbrese at 206.789.5707 x7039 or janwc@nordicmuseum.org. To donate now, follow the link below.

Donate Now!


Help us complete the journey! Include your name as a lasting legacy for years to come.


As we complete our journey to the NEW NORDIC MUSEUM, you are invited to join us and lend your support during these final stages through a gift of $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000. Now is the time to include your name as a lasting legacy, to honor those who have meant so much, and personally ensure that we dedicate this new landmark in the spirit of community.

Your gift of $1,000 or $5,000 will secure a personalized, inscribed plaque to be installed in the new Nordic Museum's East Garden (as seen above). Your name and/or dedication will be presented alongside those of your fellow Museum supporters for many years to come.

Your gift of $10,000 will secure a prominently located plaque within one of our streetscape planting areas that will surround the new facility. As museum visitors and members of the public alike enjoy the Nordic-inspired landscape, your name will be displayed as one of our most ardent supporters for now and into the future.

Share the Nordic Spirit!

Purchase your personalized plaque to support the New Nordic Museum.

*Note for the online form above — If you would like to pay via a monthly payment plan, please feel free to select a payment plan option at the bottom of the checkout page.

For campaign questions, or to purchase a plaque or make a gift via check or over the phone, please contact Jan Woldseth Colbrese at janwc@nordicmuseum.org or 206.706.5707 x7039.