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Want to import data at the backend ? Go to the "Data Import" section of the dashboard.




The “Import” section of the dashboard allows you to import three types of reports at the backend – User Import, Retail Import, and Membership Import.


Open the Import page to allow importing reports. The page will have an “Add Feed” button at its top. Click on this button to commence the import process.



The button will lead you to available feed types. Select one to proceed ahead.



No matter what option you choose, the new page will have the same options as other pages. Only the data you chose to upload will be different.


This is how this page appears:



Enter Title of your report, Choose File, and click on “Save Import”. The import process will commence, immediately.  


Import Membership


This section is exclusively integrated for membership imports. On the dashboard, you can easily find an icon labeled as “Import Membership”. Click on this icon to get started with membership data import.


Steps to do the same are as follows:


Step-1: Go to the dashboard


Step-2: Click on “Import Membership




Step-3: On a new page, find a member-list uploaded in the “Pending” tab.


**Please note that the data you import, at the backend, falls into the pending tab by default. It’s you who can later select this data and add the same to the “Completed” tab.



Step-4: Select members you wish to send to the completed tab.



Step-5: Click on “Add Memberships



Step-6: Click on “Completed” tab to see the selected member added with unique Household ids assigned.


Import Settings


At present, you can import only memberships, users, and retail data. To be able to add data that falls in a category other than above-mentioned, jump to Import Settings. Here, you get an option to add more feed types as per the requirement.


Here’s how to do this:


Step-1: Go to the dashboard


Step-2: Click on “Import Settings




Step-3: On a new page, you will see existing feed types.



Step-4: To add a new feed type, click on “Add Feed Type” button at the top.



Step-5: On a new page, enter feed’s title, its description, select content type, and click on “Save and Add Mappings” button.



Step-6: The feed type has now been added, successfully.