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Discount and Coupons



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Discounts and Coupons

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Creating Discounts. 1

(i) Options. 1

(ii) Attaching Coupons. 4

(iii) Activating/De-activating Discounts. 7

(iv) Reviewing Usage

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Creating Coupons. 8

(i) Options. 8

(ii) Mapping coupons to discounts. 8

(iii) Assigning coupons to users. 9

(iv) Activating/De-activating Coupons. 9

(v) Reviewing Usage. 10




Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and coupons are a great way to make users purchase products without worrying much about the funds. That’s why, mNet comes up with a separate “Discounts and Coupons” section to assist you boost museum sales be it an admission, product order, or others.

In this section, you will learn how to create various coupons and discounts that can lure users.



Creating Discounts


(i) Options


You can create discounts that apply to Orders, Customer, and Products. While creating a discount rule, you will find these options listed on the page of which you need to select one.


Let’s learn them in detail!


Steps to create a discount rule are as follows:


Step-1: Go to the administration toolbar and click on “Commerce



Step-2: Scroll down and select “Promotions


Step-3: Now, you are on the discount page wherein you can find running discounts, their respective “edit” links, and a, “Add Promotion” link at the top. To start creating a new discount, click on the Add Promotion button.



Step-4: Now start creating a discount rule. Start with Discount Title followed by its Short Description.



Step-5: Select Offer type and fill fields that come up next as per your selection.



Step-6: Select Conditions – Customer, Order, or Product



Step-7: Go to the right sidebar and specify Start Date and End Date to this discount.



Step-8: Specify discount’s usability. Select "Unlimited" to allow unlimited usage of this discount, and select “Limited number of Uses” to put a limit to the maximum usage.



Step-9: Click “Save” to save the discount.


(ii) Attaching Coupons


To attach a coupon to this discount, click on “Save and add Coupons” button.


On the next page, you will find two ways to attach coupon(s) to this discount, and they are - Add Coupon & Generate Coupon.



(a) Add Coupon: Click on "Add Coupon" button if you want to add a manually created coupon. Post clicking this button, you will be landed to a page which looks like this:


Here, enter a Coupon Code of your choice in the first tab, specify coupon usage, and click on “Save” to complete attaching coupon.


(b) Generate Coupon: If you choose to click on "Generate Coupon" button, an automatic method of generating coupon comes your way. This method allows you to generate multiple coupons and attaches them to the discount on its own.


This is how this page appears:


On this page, select coupon count, coupon code pattern, its length, and number of usage. Click “Generate” and a random coupon code based on your selection will be generated, instantly.


(iii) Activating/De-activating Discounts


To activate and de-activate a discount, go to its respective “Edit” button and change its status from “Enabled” to “Disable”. Click on “Save” and the discount will be activated/de-activated, accordingly.



(iv) Reviewing Usage


To review the usage of discounts, go to the “Promotions” page. Here, the second column will showcase the total number of usages listed discounts have undergone.



Creating Coupons


(i) Options


Coupons are a part of discount and hence cannot be created alone. Therefore, the process of creating coupons would remain the same as mentioned in “Attach Coupon” section of the Discounts.



(ii) Mapping coupons to discounts


As mentioned above, the admin can either “Add Coupon” or “Generate Coupon(s)”, for the selected discount.


(iii) Assigning coupons to users


Coupon code generated above can be emailed to users. Once the coupon code is received, the user can apply it during a purchase and redeem the discount.


(iv) Activating/De-activating Coupons


To activate/de-activate coupons, follow the steps given below:


Step-1: Go to the discount page which is attached to that coupon. You will find all Discounts on “Promotions” page.



Step-2: Click on “Edit” drop down and click on “Coupons”. This will take you to the coupon page attached with the selected discount.



Step-3: When on the coupon page, click on “Edit” to make changes to the selected coupon.



Step-4: Now, change the status from “Enabled” to “Disable”. Click “Save” and you are done.



(v) Reviewing Usage


Follow the same steps (till step-3) as mentioned above. Post this, you will be on the coupon page which also shows coupon usages on it.