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New Docents – OPEN.. 1

Docents on Trial 2

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About this Page



View docents, check their details, and process their request for museum tours. This page of “Manage Docents” allows you to confirm docents for running tours of the museum. The various options available on this page empower you to view, edit, as well as take specific action on docent requests.


Let’s learn how to manage this page proficiently!


New Docents – OPEN


The first tab of this page will list new docent requests at the top. So, if you want to search for new docents who signed up at the portal, jump to the OPEN tab of this page.

Here, you will find the personal details of the docent along with separate View, Edit, and Action links. You can use these links to take certain action on the request.


Docents on Trial


Whenever a new group tour request is confirmed, all docents registered on the site get a notification about the same. On their individual docent account, the details of the tour are displayed.

Now, if a docent wants to present his/her candidature for the tour, he/she can show the interest by clicking on the “Yes, I am Interested” button.

Docents who have showed interest in a specific group tour are put on trial on the basis of their eligibility and experience. They are put on trial till the admin finds them an ideal match for tour.

To put a docent on trial, simply click on the Actions icon, change the status to “Trial” and hit the “Save” button.



The docent will receive an email regarding the application status. Also, the docent request will be moved to “Trial” tab of this page.


Confirming Docents


To confirm a docent, click on “Action” icon, change the status to “Confirmed” and hot the “Save” button. The docent will be confirmed for the requested group tour. He/she will receive an email about the same.


The request will now be moved to “Confirmed” tab of this page.


Archiving Docents


Change the status to “Archive” and the docent request will be moved to the Archived tab.