Manage Annual Events



View, edit, add, and manage museum's annual events from a single page of the dashboard.


On the dashboard, find a dedicated icon for annual events. You can easily find it labeled as Manage Annual events.




View Annual Events


All annual events - happened earlier or running - can be seen on this page.  To get an overview of these events, simply scan your eyes through them. Details you will get to know about annual events are Event Title, Short Description, and Published/Un-Published Status.


Edit Annual Events


On the page, you get separate "edit" buttons for all entries. These buttons allow you to put in place text or image changes to any listed annual event entry.

To edit an annual event, click on the "edit" button placed in the same row.  Edit changes as per your preferences and click "Save" to save the changes.


Add Annual Event


At the top of the "Manage Annual Events" page, you get an "Add" button. Click on this button to start creating a new annual event. Fill fields with relevant information and click "Save" to save the data.


Steps to add a new annual event to the website are as follows:


Step-1: Click on "Add" button



Step-2: On a new page, a web form will appear.


Step-3: Start filling out this form with asked details. Begin with Annual event Title and Short Description (If any).



Step-4: Provide text for the subheading, if any.


Step-5: Upload Banner Image


Step-6: Provide Alt Text for this image


Step-7: Select Type


Step-8: Select Banner Color


Step-9: Select Start Date and End Date for the event



Step-10: Upload an image for Main Picture


Step-11: Provide Alt text for Main Picture


Step-12 Provide Short Description of this annual event


Step-13: Upload an image for this description


Step-14: Provide image’s Alt text


Step-15: Now start uploading the Sub Text, additional detail about the event, in the form of Sub Text. Start with image uploading followed by its ALT text, and main body.



Step-16: Click "Add Annual Event Subtext" to add more fields.


Step-17: Check the "Published" button to publish this annual event on the homepage.


Step-18: Hit the "Save" button to complete the process.