Manage Collection



View, edit, add, and manage the museum's collection from a single page of the dashboard.


On the dashboard, find a dedicated icon for collections. You can easily find it labeled as "Manage Collection".




View Collection


On this page, you get direct links to museum collections. View them with their Title, Short Description, and Published/Un-published status. This way, you get a chance to look at all collection entries on a single page of the dashboard. To open a collection page, simply click on its title and the collection page will open up, instantly.


Edit Collection


If you pay a close look at the "Collection" page, you will find that it has "Edit" links at its extreme right column. This means, you can edit collections listed on this page by clicking on their respective edit links. These buttons allow you to put in place text or image changes to any listed collection entry.

To edit a collection, click on the "edit" button placed in the same row.  Edit changes as per your preferences and hit the "Save" button to save the changes.


Add Collection


At the top of the "Manage Collections" page, you get an "Add" button. Click on this button to start creating a new collection. Fill fields with relevant information and click the "Save" button to save the data.


Steps to add a new collection to the website are as follows:


Step-1: Click on "Add" button



Step-2: On a new page, a web form will appear. 


Step-3: Start filling this form with asked details. Begin with Collection Title and Short Description (If any).



Step-4: Upload Main Image for this collection


Step-6: Provide text for the subheading, if any.


Step-7: Upload Banner Image



Step-8: Now start uploading the main content. Enter an image or paste text in the left and right vacant fields.