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Manage Grants. 1

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About this Page


Grants are donations that associated organizations donate to the museum every year. The amount is generally fixed and can be submitted in parts.

Let's learn how to manage grants and add the same from backend!


Manage Grants


On the dashboard, you get an icon for GRANTS. Click on it to open the Grant page.

When on the "Grants" page, you get a list of active and inactive grants happened in the museum till date. You can switch between "Active" and "Inactive" tabs to view related entries in the list.

Let's see how this page appears:



As you can see, the last two columns of this list have EDIT and ACTIONS icons integrated on them. Use the icons to edit and take specific actions on the listed grants, respectively.


(a) Edit Grants



Click on the EDIT icon, and you will be able to edit the selected grant. Make changes to already existing details, and click on the SAVE button to save the changes.


(b) The ACTIONS Icon



Click this button to update grant amount the museum just received. A pop-up will appear on your screen in which Received Amount and Received Date to be filled.



In case the grant is expected to receive in parts, click the (+) button to add another field in the pop-up page. Before going back, do not forget to hit the SAVE button.


Add Grants


The admin has the right to add new grants from the backend. Whenever a new organization connects with the museum for grants, the admin creates a unique grant at the backend.


The process of adding a new grant is as follows:


Step-1: Click on "Add Grants"



Step-2: The grant form will appear on your screen:



Fill this form with following information:

  • Enter organization name
  • Put the name of the main contact person in the Primary Contact field
  • Enter the grant amount
  • Enter address details of the organization in the next few fields
  • Select checkboxes that match the grant
  • If the grant is happening in parts, then specify the flow in the next field. Enter the grant amount, grant date, and reminder date.


  • In the last field, enter the organization's employee information.


Step-3: Click “Submit” and the grant will be created.