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View To-dos. 1

Associate Elements – View, Edit, and Assignee Details. 2

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About this Page


To-dos are the tasks that museum staff members assign to each other, when required. These tasks are mostly related to donations and grants. However, there is no restriction on the type of tasks that can be assigned internally among the museum staff.

To create such To-dos or to view them all, refer this page of the dashboard. Also, get options to view and edit specific To-do submissions, when required.

Let’s learn the entire process of assigning To-dos and managing the same.


View To-dos


To View To-dos, jump to the Dashboard and click on "Manage To-Dos" icon under STAFF SALES.




The page will showcase a detailed To-do list along with essential information like Task Name, Task Details, Assignee Name, Start Date, and End Date.

Scroll down the list to view all tasks and use the navigation buttons to jump to next pages.


Associate Elements – View, Edit, and Assignee Details


The last column of this list has three icons in it and are coupled together as Associate Elements. If you hover the cursor on these icons, you will get to know their names. They are: View, Edit, and Assignee Details.

The roles these icons play are exactly like their names. Hit the “View” icon to view To-do submission details, hit the “Edit” icon to edit those submission details, and hit the “Assignee Details” icon to view the assignee details of the selected task.



Assign Tasks


At the top of this page, you get a button labeled as “Assign”. Click on this button to assign tasks. Post-clicking on this button, you get a web form which needs to be filled with relevant information.

Here’s how this form appears: