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The National Nordic Museum Closure

In accordance with Washington State COVID-19 restrictions, the Museum facility is temporarily closed for all indoor activities. Online events and activities will go on as scheduled. The Museum's Store is open for mail order only and is available here.



Manage Tours


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View New Requests – OPEN.. 1

Putting a Request on hold – HOLD.. 2

Sending a Quote – QUOTED.. 2

(a) How to send the Quote?. 2

Confirming a Request – CONFIRM... 5

Confirmed Requests. 7

(a) Viewing Docents. 8

Archive a Request. 9






About this Page



Process group tour requests, view already existing requests, take actions on listed requests, and do a lot more. This page of “Manage Tours” comes up with options allowing you to manage group tour requests seamlessly.

Let’s delve deeper into its features!


View New Requests – OPEN


The first tab of this page is the “Open” tab. Here, you get a list of requests that are yet to attend by the admin or designated staff member. These requests indicate that they are fresh and need admin’s attention.

Also, this is the tab where every new group tour requests is stored until the admin takes a specific action on it.

Putting a Request on hold – HOLD


Put requests on hold if you need time to act upon them. You can put a request on hold, by selecting “Hold” as status.

As said earlier, every unattended request lies in the Open tab of this page. From there, you can pick up the request and click on the “Actions” button to mark its status “Hold”. The process is similar to confirming the group request. The only difference would be in selection of status. While confirming the request, you selected “Confirm” as status and now you will select “Hold”.

In this case also, an email will sent to the user informing him/her about the application status.

Sending a Quote – QUOTED


Once the request has been submitted, the admin reviews it carefully for details. If the requests seems fine, he takes the next step which is to send a Quote to the user. This quote is actually the price that the user has to pay for the group tour.

(a) How to send the Quote?

Admin can send a quote to the user by clicking on the “$” icon provided on the “Open” tab of the page.

Refer to the screenshot below:


Post clicking this button, a pop-up will appear on your screen enlisting group tour request details and a few vacant fields. You can read the information again from the pop-up before taking any action on it.



Scroll down the pop-up to change the status of the request, enter the quote, and fill vacant fields (Booking Date, Start Time, and End Time).


Do not forget to check the “Send Mail” box before hitting the “Save” button. Once you are done with this, an automatic email will be send to the user regarding the tour quotation.


Once the quotation has been sent and the user has accepted the same, you can view the request under “Quoted” tab of this page. Requests for which the payment has been received will be marked in green and other in red.


Confirming a Request – CONFIRM


If the payment for a request has been done, the admin takes the next step which is “Confirming the Request”. To confirm a request, click on the “Actions” icon provided in the “Quoted” tab page.

Click this button and a pop-up will appear on your screen. It will display pre-filled details of the request which you can review one more time.

The pop-up will also have a few vacant fields which is to be filled by the admin while confirming the request. They are Boking Date, Start Time, and End Time.

Now, if everything seems fine, click on the “Save” button and the request will be confirmed and simultaneously moved to the “Confirmed” tab of this page.

Confirmed Requests


This tab carries all “Confirmed” requests in a tabular form. Admins can jump to this tab to know about the users whose request has been confirmed. On the page, you get a detailed list highlighting essential tour detail submitted by users.

Apart from requests, there are some icons provided at the right end of the list. These icons are View, Edit, and Actions. Let’s learn what these icon do and how you can use them while processing a group tour request.

View: This icon, as per its name, allows you to view the filled-up details of the request, deeply. Clicking on this button enables you to view everything that the user submitted in the tour request form.

Edit: If view button allows you to view the tour details, then the “edit” button enables you to edit those details. Click on this button if you want to update a few sections of the form.

Action: Click on this icon to update the status of the selected request. As an admin, you can also update any other information submitted previously in the form.



(a) Viewing Docents


In the same list, there’s a column labeled as “Docents”. Refer to this column to view docents interested in corresponding tours. Click on the docent count and a new page will open listing docents who are interested for the selected tour.



Post-clicking on this count, a pop-up will appear on your screen. On this pop-up, you get to see the names of docents interested for the tour and an “Add” button to allow adding you more docents for the tour.



Archive a Request

Use the “Actions” icon to Archive a request listed under any tab of this page. Click on the “Actions” icon, change the current status to “Archive” and hit the “Save” button. The request will be archived instantly. You can now find the archived request under the “Archived” tab.