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Add, edit, and manage everything you have in Retail and Store. This includes items in retail, associated stores, vendor list, purchase orders, and inventory.


Manage Stores


Find all stores associated with the museum on this single page. It also allows you to manage stores, apart from listing them on a single page.


To add new stores, click on the "Add Store" button at the top of this page.



Manage Products


Products can be anything - from retail items to education, admission, membership, and so on. To view all products, the museum deals with, and manage the same, this page of this dashboard assists.


To filter products, select Product Type from the top drop-down, or enter the product title. Click on "Filter" to generate related results. Operations that you can take on listed products are Edit, Delete, and Clone.


To add a new product on this page and simultaneously on the website, click on "Add Product" button provided at the top of this page.