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Exhibition Product




Table of Contents


1. How to create an exhibition product. 1

2. Linking an “Exhibition” to its “Exhibition Product”. 3

3. Displaying “Buy Admission” button on the exhibition page




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1. How to create an exhibition product


Step-1: Go to “Commerce


Step-2: Select “Products


Step-3: Click on “Add Product


Step-4: Select “Exhibitions


Step-5: You are now on the Exhibition page. Start creating an exhibition product. Give it a Title, a body, and hit the “Save and Add Variation” button.



Step-6: On the next page, you will a message that the product has been successfully saved. Just below this message, find an “Add Variation” button. Click on it.

Step-7: Now, you are on the Variation page. Start adding details to the variation. The page will ask you to provide following details:


  • Title: Product name
  • SKU: Unique Id for the product
  • Price: The product price
  • Dates: Mention Start Date and End Date of the exhibition
  • Stock: Total stock available


Apart from this, you will also see two check-boxes namely Published and Requires Ticket.


Publish: Check/uncheck to publish/un-publish this variation.


Requires ticket: If this is a ticketed exhibition, check this box. Please note that exhibitions with “requires Ticket” check-box selected will be displayed under “ADMISSION+TICKETS” section of the website.




Step-8: Click “Save


You have successfully created an exhibition product.


2. Linking an “Exhibition” to its “Exhibition Product”


Once the product has been created, go to the “Exhibition Page” for which this product is valid. Here’s how to jump to the exhibition and link it with its product:


Step-1: Open the “Exhibition” page where you want the product to be linked.


Step-2: Click “Edit



Step-3: Scroll down the page to the bottom. You will find an “Exhibition Product” section. Here, type in the product name which you just created. If it’s in the database, you will automatically find its name.




Step-4: Click “Save” and the product will be linked successfully.


3. Displaying “Buy Admission” button on the exhibition page


When editing an “exhibition” page, make sure you select the “show admission ticket” checkbox.




If you want to display a “Buy Admission” button at the end of an exhibition page, it’s mandatory to check this box. Make sure, you hit the “Save” button after checking/un-checking this box.


This is how the exhibition page will appear if this box is checked.




However, if you choose not to select that check box, the exhibition page will only have “More Exhibitions” link, and not the “Buy Admission” button.