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National Nordic Museum Hours

The Museum's normal hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Read HERE for details. Please see our VISITOR GUIDELINES for latest comfort and safety measures. Members: Please before reserving your free tickets or registering for events. Membership discounts are applied at checkout.



About Us

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Through the history we illuminate, the stories we tell, the connections we make, and the values we promote, we inspire our visitors to create a more vibrant, more just, more sustainable world.


Shared Nordic values and perspectives serve as guiding principles for the core exhibition experience, tracing Nordic themes of connection to nature, sustainability, social justice, and innovation from the earliest anthropological records through contemporary Nordic society. 


The National Nordic Museum shares Nordic culture, values, and ideas with people of all ages and backgrounds to create connections, generate dialogue, and inspire new perspectives.



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National Nordic Museum Equity Statement

Accessibility and equity are institutional priorities that are reflected in the National Nordic Museum's programming and business practices. This institutional commitment ensures our efforts are devised with sensitivity. Our focus on equity promotes openness and makes the museum welcoming and accessible to diverse audiences.

Commitment to Indigenous Peoples and Cultures

The National Nordic Museum acknowledges the impact of colonialism on indigenous peoples. We celebrate the continuity of indigenous communities in the Nordic countries and North America through our exhibitions, programs, and collections, and we cultivate respectful relationships with each other through partnerships.

We Celebrate

Our Values

  • Openness: Foster trust and tolerance, and support everyone’s right to express their opinions.

  • Sustainability: Embrace a connection to nature and employ responsible practices that demonstrate respect for our environment.

  • Social Justice: Exhibit compassion, respect others, and manifest a conviction for the equal value of all people.

  • Innovation: Encourage creativity, resourcefulness, and new ways of thinking.